Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holidays are over.. but....

The holidays are over and another year has passed by so quickly I can barely remember it... So I decided to try to reflect on the past year ~
My daughter kicked off the New Year with a tournament and a banquet where she accepted KICK's Regional Championship for Sparring... This year in Jan. she will accept not only the Triple Crown Regional Championship, but a Triple Crown NATIONAL Championship.. Triple Crown in both divisions..WOW.. she has worked so hard for this accomplishment and we are so very proud of her. My oldest daughter has moved out on her own and has just celebrated a year at a new job, that she loves.
As for my husband and I, we celebrated in March 28 years of marriage. Can I say WOW again! I am truly blessed to have a husband that does not complain about my hobbies! In April for his 50th birthday, I surprised him with a trip to San Francisco, a place he has always wanted to go. We had a great time, I look forward to scrappin' those pictures!
I am still working on my garage trying to get it cleaned out so that I can create a "STUDIO" for us ladies to scrap and craft in. My vision to have it done by Oct. came and went. If I had a New Year's resolution, it would be to get that done .. but I know it will come in time.. and I will post pictures when it is complete!
Well..  Happy New Year.. I look forward to seeing friends and getting together with my scrappin' gals..
Great things are coming.... Can't wait to share them with you..

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