Friday, October 28, 2011

~Happy Fall, Ya'll~

Hallween cards are made.. and mailed.. Thanksgiving one's are in the process.. as are the Christmas ones! WOW.. tearing out half the pages in my address book has really allowed me to cut down on who I send cards to.. in turn making it easy to make and send them! Just kidding.. Make a handmade card and send it out .. doesn't have to be a holiday.. just let someone know your thinking of them.. Don't forget, if you took the time to embellish them, then take the extra few cents and have them hand stamped by the post office. It will save your card from getting snagged in the machine! I also add a piece of padding to my cards, can be flat style bubble wrap.. or even the padding that you line your kitchen cabinets with! ..... Happy Holidays!~

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